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Mars is a certified Reiki Master, Guided Meditation Instructor, and Yoga instructor. He has been practicing these therapeutic services for a number of years. Attending various retreats, providing sessions, teaching and learning different techniques globally. As someone who has benefited from therapeutic services such as Reiki and guided meditation he understands how powerful they can be to the healing process. His mission here on Earth is to share the healing benefits of these services with people that may not be familiar with or have access to them. His specialty is guided mindful meditation as a way to focus on healing trauma, as well as dealing with anxiety and stress, as well as Yin and restorative Yoga. Join him on this journey to healing and wellness

Will Bradley
Meditate with Mars

Meditate With Mars offers the following appointment types to Upper for sale:

You may now shop to purchase or refer to any of Meditate With Mars services anytime, as well as even pair them with other providers and their appointments, by visiting today.

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