Financial Aid

Charity Care

Your ability to learn about and access wellness & natural medicine is vital.

The Upper Foundation will provide financial assistance for those who meet the eligibility requirements under the Charity Care Policy. If eligible for financial assistance, the public may receive discounted or free care as funding is available.

Read Our Policy

Eligibility for Upper’s Charity Care (financial aid) will be explained in detail in our policy below.

How to Apply

Our Charity Care application is available in English, but we will make an effort to provide you with a translator by request via our website concierge chat. Be sure to follow the instructions, exactly, during the financial application process. An incomplete or unsatisfactory application may result in prolonging your acceptance process or declination.

If you need assistance with your application during the process, please text your questions to (910)-207-0122 and an Upper representative will assist you.

The Upper Health Inc. Foundation is still undergoing it’s legal filing process, but will be coming soon! We will let our community know when the Charity Care application is ready to use.