The Natural Health & Wellness System

Upper is the modern healthcare system that makes wellness and natural medicine convenient & effortless.

We direct and connect people to effective lifestyle medicine providers, services, products, and resources to accelerate access. Our provider network focuses on environment, exercise, diet, sleep, various therapies, and wellness technology.

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Are you tired of internet searching the right wellness solutions for days or weeks on end? Use our Concierge Chat to be directed in and around the wellness or natural medicine ecosystem in minutes. Upper is the front door to all natural care, while building communication pathways between every expert, product, and resource that makes getting referred and prescribed lifestyle and all-natural care seamless.

Providers: Refer your patients and clients using our HIPAA Compliant and cyber secure chat in the bottom right corner of our site. Anyone can use the chat: Providers or Patients/Clients.

Redefining Healthcare

Creating the Landscape

Accessible & Convenient

Concierge Chat

The Upper Chat is a complimentary public virtual assistant, operated by real people, who can help find the perfect care custom to you, take payment, and schedule appointments for you in minutes.

Need help getting organized? Ask us about our Concierge Memberships for Whole Health Planning & Management.

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Avoiding Drugs & Surgery?

You can purchase lifestyle medicine from Upper’s trusted providers and brands in the form of memberships, packages, appointments, and more directly from our online provider network of verified licensed holistic, wellness, and natural medicine experts, right now.

Our network includes brands as large as BetterHelp, F45 Training, 9Round, the YMCA, and more, all the way to small local practices and independent providers.

Inflated care costs are against our policies. 100% of care available for purchase with Upper is it’s true market rate or less. It will never cost you more to purchase care all in one place with Upper.