Upper is making a proactive lifestyle and holistic treatment the fastest, easiest decision to make.


We understand the human who wants a fast, easy, mindless wellness routine they can sustain, the human who desires a community of positive social influences, and the human who would like to visit a medical professional, but avoids the ones who will quickly prescribe pharmaceutical drugs and surgery. We understand the holistic person. At Upper, we too are proactively healthy and holistic people… so we are building people like us a holistic healthcare system.


We promote reaching your natural high through peak performance – feeling good and free using wellness services every day. The benefits of getting care with Upper may include cost savings on your health, lower rates on services, becoming free of pharmaceuticals and the need for surgery, getting a whole health plan with wellness professionals who can collaborate on your care, saving everyone time, and more.

Need help starting your whole health journey with us? Don’t visit a modern medical professional once per year just so they can let you know if you’re sick YET. Join Upper in normalizing year-round check-ups with wellness professionals, who can consistently guide you to live life on the up(per), to never get sick in the first place.

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