YogaSalt Joins Upper

YogaSalt, founded by Tamal and Victoria Dodge, became a founding partner and provider of the holistic healthcare community, Upper – a cash-based, online, holistic healthcare community of health and wellness experts, their appointments, memberships, and programs, as well as holistic consumers finding themselves a new, trusted, early-stage healthcare system.

Victoria & Tamal Dodge, Founders of YogaSalt, YogaPlate, and BODHI Live

Tamal and Victoria Dodge originally founded YogaSalt in Los Angeles, California, and then moved to the east coast and opened a second location in Wilmington, North Carolina. Upon much success, they sold their first studio in L.A., and added their currently owned Wilmington, NC studio to Upper as a way to co-provide yoga services such as:

In addition to these in-person (in-studio) services, the Dodge’s will be adding YogaSalt’s monthly recurring membership to the platform upon next week’s Upper-software update for subscription and recurring programming – a software release that numerous group-training and gym owners are waiting to join on.

You may now shop to purchase YogaSalt’s services anytime, as well as even pair them with other providers and their appointments or share them with friends, by visiting today.

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