How We Got Started

Did you know that Upper was founded out of a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation, which was our Founder’s first company? It’s true! The nonprofit, Health Possible, and Upper’s now investment team saw a large need to extend the nonprofits operations to all socioeconomic classes and expand access to health and wellness services nationwide. This model was only possible, and legal, in a for-profit tax structure, software, and thus required major financial backing.

So, Sara Auld (depicted above) founded Upper on April 26, 2021 to acquire parts of Health Possible and expand her mission. This called for proprietary software and the provider network of less than 50 providers for just over $37,000. A long legal process, the deal finally closed in November of 2021. Health Possible saw an increase of near $90,000 in growth that year! Pretty cool, huh?

Our Commitment

We are equally as dedicated to the affordability of health and wellness for all as we are to its accessibility. Health Possible makes health and wellness affordable for those living in or below the lower-middle classes via financial verification technology (FinTech) and community sponsorship. At Upper, we are:

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