Software as a Service (SaaS)

Upper is a retail & referral friendly sales and operations software with zero buy-in required. Crazy, right? We intentionally designed Upper so that we only win when our providers win. Meaning, your growth is our incentive, and we share in your best interest. We earn an added 10% transactional fee per checkout.

Your Business Partner

Upper’s media channels and the people behind our brand are our provider’s growth, sales, and marketing partner. This means we spend our own money and time to promote your content, PLUS our real human staff is available to registered providers any time by email, phone, and our online chat for free resources, networking, and even brainstorming to establish, grow, sell, and market your wellness business. You’re never alone!

Our Plans for Unity

Like any brand new startup company, great things take time. We hope that all providers are excited to join Upper on the ground level and help us build an all-natural, freedom-loving, journey-focused, relationship-centered proactive healthcare system and future with us, including the following plans:

  1. 24/7 Accessible Health & Wellness Marketplace
  2. Holistic Health, Wellness, & Naturopathic Provider & Service Referral System
  3. Prescription (Rx) System for a Naturopathic Medicine, Wearables, & Product Pharmacy
  4. Financial Technology and Payer Integrations
  5. Custom At-Home [Natural & Environmental] Care Teams for reactive, chronic, and long-term treatment needs
  6. Private First Response Department

“Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago.” – Warren Buffet

How You Can Leverage Upper
  1. With a network of hundreds of new-found partners and specialists, you can refer your own clients to other verified providers & services in our system.
  2. Network with other Providers and GET referrals.
  3. Improve client/patient outcome by uniting with nationwide specialists.
  4. Direct sales software & prospecting tool – share your custom URLs with prospects, execute pre-sales strategies, and more.
  5. Create your own monthly & annual Membership(s) programs.
  6. Invite your off-site partners to join so clients can find you all in one place.
  7. Soon, you’ll be able to upgrade to access our income-verification & rate-adjusting financial technology, if you want to reach every socioeconomic class.
Our Only Ask

Upper charges shopper’s a 10% transactional fee per checkout, subject to change over time, with “Amazon-Prime-like” monthly memberships coming soon. In order to not inflate the costs of wellness, or cause shopper’s to avoid buying you (you don’t want that!), our only ask is that Providers join at all corporate, wholesale, or lesser rates where our 10% fee always makes sense to buyers. So, if you’re a business owner who loves creating jobs, you’re ready to join Upper.

We are proud that in less than one year, Upper inspired and assisted in the legal formation (founding), protection, concept and design, sales, brand, and marketing strategies of over five new wellness businesses! Pass it on.

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