Software as a Service (SaaS)

Upper is truly a health system for wellness. When you join as a Certified/Licensed/Accredited Provider, you agree to list 100% of your non-pharmaceutical, non-invasive, and most natural services for sale on our marketplace.

Providers join to grow their business and because they want unity in wellness. Our software goals enable providers to work together.

Your Business Partner

Our team is seasoned in opening businesses. We’re here to help you with any level of support you might need from brainstorming ideas to financial structure, launching, marketing, sales training & tips, events, networking and connections, technology, and more.

Our Health System
  1. 24/7 Accessible Health & Wellness Marketplace
  2. Holistic Health, Wellness, & Naturopathic Provider & Service Referral System
  3. Prescription (Rx) System for a Naturopathic Medicine, Wearables, & Product Pharmacy
  4. Financial Technology and Payer Integrations
  5. Custom At-Home [Natural & Environmental] Care Teams for reactive, chronic, and long-term treatment needs.
  6. Private First Response Department
How You Can Leverage Upper
  1. Send Referrals
  2. Get Referrals
  3. Improve your client(s) outcome.
  4. Direct sales software & prospecting tool – share your custom URLs with prospects, execute pre-sales strategies, and more.
  5. Innovate and sell your own 15 – 60 minute appointments, packages, plus monthly and annual membership programs.
  6. Invite your off-site partners to join so clients can find you all in one place.
  7. Financial Technology coming soon.

There is zero payment required to join Upper.

You agree to never inflate the cost of your care on our site or in our system. You agree to join at your true market rate or less. When you list your price and a purchase for your service is made, Upper earns 10% of every purchase only when a purchase is made, and then directly deposits the vetted provider the other 90%. Since the funds flow 100% through Upper, this is not a commission. Upper is charging the customer 90% of the total cost of care, and 10% in fees.

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