for all your wellness and natural medicine needs.

Upper’s concierge (navigation) chat service is designed to provide the public with custom wellness and natural medicine options based on personal needs, preferences, location, budget, and more, as quickly as possible. We are available to virtually direct anyone in and around the wellness ecosystem.

Just Open The Chat,

In the bottom corner of this page is the chat, where you can talk with a real person who will listen, and then provide you with vetted providers, services, products, and various natural resources. You’ll always receive more than one option – having the power to choose.

Then Purchase Care Directly on Upper!

We are making wellness and natural medicine the most convenient care on Earth. Whether you want to book an introductory phone call, start a free trial, or at last buy a service/product, not only do we book it for you, but you can buy most self-pay services and products directly through our online marketplace here too! Don’t see what you’re looking for? We also have a private marketplace, so just ask!

Memberships for Whole Health Planning & Management

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to organize, plan, and commit to long term personal health, wellness, and even medical goals and schedules? It’s a lot!

Upper plans and manages your whole health & lifestyle for you. It’s easy!

After completing our Intake Form and Pre-Existing Care Record, you’ll have direct contact with your personal assigned Concierge who will:

  • Research and share studies, articles, & data relevant to you
  • Research and recruit your custom provider care team based on your needs
  • Provide you with new expert, service, and product options as requested
  • Research and identify creative ways to save money on care
  • Sign your health commitments and contracts on your behalf as requested
  • Book your health appointments on your behalf as requested
  • Cancel health commitments and contracts on your behalf as requested
  • Simplify your payments: 100% of your self-pay health & wellness payments can run through Upper to consolidate purchases and create easy visibility and management of all your health and wellness care. Upper pays for you.

Not sure what you need? Book a visit with an UppeRN – our Wellness Registered Nurses – for a health assessment, goal-setting, then guidance.