Health Coach Kristen Daily Joins Upper’s Online Marketplace

Kristen Daily is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist, certified by the American College of Sports Medicine, as well a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. With 7 years of clinical experience, she’s trained to supplement (when necessary) behavior/health change with an exercise prescription for all individuals, including those with chronic diseases (i.e. Cardiovascular disease, pulmonary, immunologic, neuromuscular, metabolic, orthopedic, etc). As a Clinical Exercise Physiologist and Health/Wellness Coach, she uses a multidisciplinary approach to help clients achieve their best self by facilitating empowerment. Success happens with a partnership in utilizing internal strengths and external resources to evolve a more sustainable, healthy lifestyle.

Kristen Dailey
Health is Wealth

Health Is Wealth offers the following HSA Approved appointment types to Upper for sale:

You may now shop to purchase or refer to any of Kristen’s Health Is Wealth sessions anytime, as well as even pair them with other providers and their appointments, by visiting today.

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