Dr. Sherri James, M.D. – BMI Wellness Concepts Joins Upper

For 25 years, Dr. James has practiced family medicine in low income, medically underserved, urban inner-city and rural areas where patients had limited access to quality and specialty care whether physically or financially. After graduating from Pharmacy school, she became determined to find ways to help other people have healthier lives. Her dream has been that the American healthcare system would no longer operate under the guise of “sickness” but would strive and thrive under the model of wellness and improved quality of life. Dr. Michelle Drains, N.D. is our Naturopathic Doctor (ND) providing Naturopathic and holistic services. For exact details regarding BMI Wellness Concept’s services listed on Upper, please visit: https://www.bmiwellnessconcepts.com/memberships-and-pricing


Dr. Sherri James, M.D brings the following appointment types to Upper for sale:

You may now shop to purchase or refer to BMI WELLNESS CONCEPTS services anytime, as well as even pair them with other providers and their appointments, by visiting www.upper.health today.

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