Americans Who Avoid the Doctor Might Prefer a Naturopathic Doctor

This is our latest Instagram Post as a blog post:

When proactively healthy and fit people get sick, they often avoid going to the Doctor because they don’t want to be prescribed a drug, told they need surgery… all the sick-care narratives we have been taught are normal in America.

Who can relate to this avoidance of our government-instilled norms and a natural desire for natural remedies? You are not alone ☁️

We know you’ve heard of a MD (Medical Doctor)… but funny how few of people have ever heard of a ND (Naturopathic Doctor). Thats because the American government doesn’t want you to… Ready, get this:

Naturopathic Doctors are often the true picture of health (look at these incredible and beautiful people in these photos!), and they are educated on and care about your:
• Lifestyle
• Exercise
• Diet
• Social/Family Life
• Safest and least invasive methods of treatment
• Long term health
• Quality and quantity of your life
• Herbal and natural treatment products and services
• Genetic, social, and environmental influences
• Treating the root 🌿 cause of problems… not symptoms.

Fact: NDs are only legally allowed to practice in (roughly) 26 jurisdictations in the United States of America 🤯🤬

Long story short… you’ve officially made it out of the American sick care system by landing on Uppers new wellcare system! Congrats, and phew! Upper will start helping America get the legit #WellCare we all want, need, and believe in our freedom to use.

Americans are hardly educated on or told about these amazing, life changing and life saving ✨Board Certified Medical Naturopathic Doctors (NDs and NMDs)✨

Thanks to Upper, that’s all about to change 😏

Tell us, who’s now switching their Primary Care Physician (PCP) to a Naturopathic Doctor? Say it with us… “I” 🎤

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