The Nir Family YMCA Joins Upper

The Nir Family YMCA is a state-of-the-art facility that offers wellness, sports, aquatic, and child care programs to the Greater Wilmington community. Our Nir Family YMCA includes a wellness facility, two indoor pools, gymnasium, racquetball/handball courts, outdoor track and athletic fields.

All Y memberships include access to our Midtown YMCANir Family YMCA and Ogden YMCA Activity Center in addition hundreds of YMCAs across the United States. During the summer season, membership also includes access to the community’s Outdoor Pools.

The Nir Family YMCA launched their business on Upper to initially promote their personal training services. Keep checking back to find more services added over time ranging from their monthly membership to their Diabetes Prevention Program, and more.

Visit the YMCA’s online office anytime to check on the list of all of their services, inside of Upper, here.

You may now shop to purchase or refer to YMCA services anytime, as well as even pair them with other providers and their appointments, by visiting today.

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