New Software Update Simulates IRL Healthcare Systems: Individual Wellness Specialist Offices Inside of a Larger System

Upper released a pre-seed software update that differentiates it from many health and wellness marketplaces arising around the country: Individual businesses online stores inside of Upper’s larger healthcare system, or superstore. The major brand equity feat and update went live on Thursday, April 14, 2022 at 12:30pm

Sara Auld, CEO, states that the goal of the update was to develop consumer trust through brand equity as well as organization of such diverse care in a way that allows the consumer to focus on each provider “office” that they have the greatest relationships with. Her comparison is, “People always visit the same trusted provider offices in real life. We go to the same clinics over and over again, always defaulting to our most familiar places to eliminate decision making. Now, Upper’s shopping community can live the same way and fall back into trusted offices – online. For us, these are our provider’s own service stores.”

Side by side office visual

Moving forward from the update, the team at Upper is officially hyper-focused on it’s provider-to-provider referral sourcing and sales for all individuals and even beta corporation/employer benefits accounts. Auld shares that the early startup is in conversation with care coordination and case management partners ranging from a five to 110,000 patient databases, who can leverage the online healthcare system in more than one way.

Discussing the company’s scalability after raising $150,000 in investment capital thus far, Auld explains, “Upper’s mission is to make proactive lifestyle decisions the fastest and easiest ones any person can make – to crush reactive behavior in healthcare. Accomplishing that can cure diseases simply through a battle of time, by saving people decision-making time in a difficult area of life through technology. We’re going to do that. The software was designed to scale from day one but technology is only part of what must be scalable for success…

At this point, our biggest concern is brand scalability – that we are developing something that people are safe in, empowered by, and trust as a go-to for all current and future healthcare sourcing. Launching the system solely focused on the root of all problems, and requiring consumer’s personal responsibility, is how we will earn that trust long term. We started the build considering the impact all of our decisions would have on the company even 100 years from now.”

Check out the new software update with brand logos, bio’s and stores by visiting, and explore, compare, and shop for your wellness plan of the day!

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