Prizm Wellness Joins Upper

Prizm Wellness, owned by Andrew Daniel, became a virtual partner provider of the holistic healthcare community, Upper – a cash-based, online, holistic healthcare community of health and wellness experts, their appointments, memberships, and programs, as well as holistic consumers finding themselves a new, trusted, early-stage healthcare system.

Prizm Wellness joined Upper to list Personal Training as a virtual service for anyone across the nation in need, while based in Raleigh, NC. Daniel describes his personal background as well as his love for fitness on the company’s Facebook page here:

“My name is Andrew Daniel, founder and trainer at Prizm Wellness. I was born in 1987 and grew up in Summerfield, NC. My amazing wife, Bailey, and I live in Raleigh, NC. We have a black Great Dane named Sloan and an orange cat named Flash. I love music, power-lifting, body building, dancing, running, yoga, video games, and martial arts.⁣

From playing sports to working out to dancing, I have always enjoyed the medicinal benefits of movement. It took me 28 years to figure out that my passion for fitness, nutrition, and wellness could be my career but I’m thankful that I finally found my path. I sincerely believe that physical activity is on the same level of biological necessity as food, water, and sleep…at least for me! I’m very passionate about helping clients move properly so that we can safely progress their workout intensity and achieve lasting results.⁣

Ultimately, I want everyone to learn how to physically take care of themselves. I’d love to connect with anyone that’s ready to make a change or searching for ideas on how to keep up the momentum! Thank you so much for the support and encouragement so far. We’re so excited to continue to bring value to our communities!”

You may now shop to purchase or refer Prizm Wellness‘ services anytime, as well as even pair them with other providers and their appointments, by visiting today.

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