DF Morrison Yoga Joins Upper

DF Morrison Yoga, owned by David Morrison, was the first ever holistic healthcare provider to officially join arms with Upper – a cash-based, online, holistic healthcare community of health and wellness appointments, memberships, and programs.

David Morrison is a long known expert nonprofit consultant, as well as a member of Wilmington, North Carolina’s ACCESS ILM program where he shatters the barriers of breaking into recreational therapy sports regardless of his circumstances. He continued to shatter his barriers when he took the leap from becoming a player to a coach, becoming a Registered Yoga Teacher and opening his newest endeavor, DF Morrison Yoga.

Miracle League board member and athlete David Morrison tags home plate safely during their game at Brax Stadium. PHOTO BY: JEFF JANOWSKI/UNCW

An original partner of Upper’s former operations under Health Possible, dating back to June of 2021 and considering him a founding partner during the companies restructure, he provided this excerpt to the nonprofit’s audience:

“Ask yourself a question: “What keeps me from trying yoga”? For those who may have tried before, “What keeps me off the mat?” Everyone, has what I will call limiting beliefs. These may manifest physically, emotionally, spiritually or some combination of all three. The understanding of how these show up for you may take years to fully recognize and that is ok. At DF MORRISON YOGA, we simply want to help you build awareness around your beliefs, and through the practice of yoga, guide you towards discovery of your best self.”

DF Morrison Yoga joined Upper to list affordable services such as 30 minute Virtual Yoga instruction as well as private 60 minute Virtual Yoga sessions for sale. You may now shop to purchase Morrison’s services anytime at www.upper.health.

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