Upper Announces Its Online Marketplace

Upper Health Inc., known as Upper, is a new online marketplace for holistic health and wellness services, where providers can sell their services at cash (or self-pay) rates at scale, and Upper finds and connects clients to their services. Upper’s number one focus is wellness – a natural and drug-free style of healthcare. The slogan “Get On” insists that prospects get on the platform and get on the up… in other words, always be in personal growth-mode. The name of the company symbolizes their own type of drug that produces a naturally good mood, and in Upper’s definition – a natural high.

Upper was founded by Sara Auld in April of 2021, a former Certified Personal Trainer, who is also the Founder and Executive Director of Health Possible in North Carolina.

Starting in 2017, Health Possible was organically establishing a wellness provider network it could negotiate pricing with for people in need, while raising tax-deductible donations to additionally subsidize those services. Their financial-aid-eligible services include things such as physical therapy, personal training, registered dietitians, and mental health counseling, which could reportedly cost anywhere from $1,000 and $5,000 per beneficiary. The provider network and subsidy program quickly attracted wellness partners, North Carolina hospitals, and medical centers for patient and client referrals.

By 2020, Auld realized the greater public’s demand for an interconnected wellness provider network of services – or a one-stop shop and the collaborative health benefits of these specialist services.

By Q1 of 2021, Auld was approached by serial and mega-million entrepreneur, now a Venture Capitalist (VC), Matt Straz, with an investment offer to scale her mission to the masses. Upper has since raised $160,000.00 in capital investments by nearly a dozen angel investors, including three or more billion-dollar entrepreneurs, which was partly used to acquire the financial technology and provider network (online marketplace) of Health Possible.

Future Plans

Beginning its scalable journey with (1) an online marketplace that retails services to the public, Upper aims to make wellness the fastest and easiest method of care for the public to engage with by reducing all friction. It will soon develop (2) referral software for fast and easy consumer transition between services and providers, (3) a second online marketplace that retails drug-free products (vitamins, technology wearables, etc.) to the public; and then (4) prescription software that allows its holistic provider network to finally and legitimately prescribe and order wellness products for their clients.

All-in-all, by creating policies and infrastructure for the wellness industry, as well as the proprietary software that reduces friction from one service, expert, and product to the next, Upper defines the connection and fluidity of holistic health care as its very own “Health System for Wellness.”

Individuals can freely shop the health system’s online marketplace by visiting www.shop.upper.health any time of day and pre-purchase appointments.

If the consumer is in need of direction, or a written plan, for the most effective and efficient services per his/her needs, they can book an appointment with Upper’s very own Concierge team – a team of independently contracted Registered Nurses (RNs), known as “UppeRNs”, who are simply an exceptionally-educated customer service provider. Upper considers its ability to perform intakes and guidance into its marketplace a triage-like service into the wellness industry. The “UppeRN” is trained to perform health assessments, a lifestyle overview, goal-setting, care navigation, and custom written service plans for Upper’s clients. More often than not, prospects already prefer to begin their journey by visiting with the Concierge to get the most efficient and effective experience (save time and money).

As an individual client with sales questions, you can email concierge@ontheupper.com to contact a care team member.

As a corporate client with sales questions, you can email corp-benefits@ontheupper.com.

For all other inquiries or partnership, you can email get@ontheupper.com and your email will be directed to the appropriate team member.

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