Upper Announces Its Online Marketplace

Upper Health Inc., known as Upper, is a new online marketplace for healthcare, wellness, and medical care, where providers can sell their services at cash rates and at scale to people in any socioeconomic class through the use of financial technology. Upper’s number one focus is wellness and holistic healthcare, insisting that prospects “#GetOn” the platform and #GetOn the up’ (in other words, always be on their way to a better life). The name of the company indicates a type of drug that produces a good mood, and in Upper’s definition – a natural high.

Upper was founded by Sara Auld in April of 2021, who is also the founder and Executive Director of Health Possible in North Carolina. Health Possible is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation that laid the ground for Auld’s four different HealthTech and FinTech targets which include features like cost sharing, care cost negotiations, comparable pricing, as well as financing options.

Since 2017, Health Possible was establishing its provider network, members, and raising funds to subsidize large wellness needs. This included niches like high volume physical therapy, personal training, registered dietitians, and mental health counseling which would equate somewhere between $1,000 and $5,000 per person if preventing or treating chronic conditions. The program immediately became attractive to numerous North Carolina hospitals such as NHRMC and medical centers for patient referrals, as well as wellness centers or clubs who valued the member journey and maintaining all prospects.

While the nonprofit aims to focus more and more on it’s members and methods around the funds themselves or cost sharing, Auld created Upper to focus the Provider congregation, competitive costs through price transparency and negotiations, volume clientele for providers through a one-stop-shop, but most importantly, the same access to financial technology that many providers attempt to do themselves by hand in their own practice – scalable rates contingent on consumer finances – a mathematical equation and calculator to discount with reason. This would begin to create a marketable supply to begin reaching the public’s demand in wellness, exposing the elongated prospect list to providers so they may tap into it.

Our Launch

  1. Marketplace – an online store
  2. Sell marketplace care to the public
  3. Add FinTech I to checkout
  4. Sell marketplace care to the public at higher volumes
  5. Add FinTech II to checkout
  6. Sell marketplace care to the public at higher+ volumes
  7. Open the Upper wellness pharmacy; a chemical-free online store of products where providers can prescribe and recommend from, plus public online shopping

Upper aims to grow its marketplaces provider-inventory as a resource to the public, while putting the financial technology designed to scale costs in the checkout process. All care will be buyable right from Upper’s main site with no financing necessary, either one time appointments or on a recurring basis – just shop like you’re on Amazon! However, should a shopper require additional assistance to complete checkout, or the Provider meet another prospect who claims they cannot afford care, everyone now has a trusted vetting partner to sell and buy through where personal responsibility is the forefront of healthcare.

Are you ready to #GetOn the Upper? Visit www.ontheupper.com.

For questions, inquiries, or partnership, you can email get@ontheupper.com.

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